corn dolly

corn dolly
original art work circa 2008

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Month of May

l thought that when l arrived here in Mexico the end of December that l would have so much time.  l have found that living in two countries you need time to adjust to the differences.  Those differences here are the language, money, food, weather, living conditions, friends you have not seen or spent time with for six months.........As for time..........from the minute l arrived til this week-end the fun has not stopped.  The only way it does stop is by saying no to the invitations.Now this gypsy has amigos in San Pancho, Sayulita and Vallarta.  With Utleys move to Vallarta a whole new area to play has opened up.....(more about that later).

This season started with a wonderful fun party  when l arrived for New Years in Vallarta.  Actually it is not for everyone but for those who get in the spirit, and are young at heart, Vallarta really knows how to celebrate.l enjoy dancing in the street until the fireworks at midnight pull you to the beach for the display, then its back to dancing..........The Malecon is beautiful and welcoming, food vendors, music, families, mimes, and most recently twenty-one artist were selected to build pongas, paint them with their distinctive style of art.  l was pleased because there were a number of artist l have studied with and a dear amigo from San Pancho, Ariel Sainz was one of the artist selected.  The pongas have been on display on the Malecon and join the wonderful sand sculptures, and other sculptures that line the streets of the Malecon.  Now that the entire length of the Malecon has been turned into a walking street, it is even more delightful.

l have attended a number of fundraisers all for the betterment of the pueblos, the children and any other reason ex-pats can think of ways to spend their money..........really l find the people who come back year after year very generous and willing to pitch in to help the community........The yearly San Pancho festival this year just continues to grow, bringing together musician artist and like pied pipers delighting all the music lovers around this magnificent Bay of Banderas.

Dinner parties at this casa have been a pleasure to be a part of.  Guest arrive early and leave veeeery late.  Conversations, the mixture of amigos, amigas seem to blend comfortably, the meals always prepared by someone who wants to cook are gourmet.  This year l brought my espresso machine, so its late night lattes, for this gypsy who basks in her element when good friends are all enjoying themselves.

l participated with a group of women  in an art show that we all organized  this year.  Several of the women who were in the show and l have painted  together since my arrival here in Mexico.  l find now my interest has shifted.........after attending several rather unsuccessful art workshops.........l am finding that l want to paint alone quietly, paint outside, follow the light, paint at my own pace and be able to be more creative.  Possibly that is  why l approach the art l create as a multi-media artist, l grow bored with the stagnant,  the personalities grow weary and the gypsy in me grows restless, seeking what is next, around the corner...........

What is next and around the corner is a retrospect of the creative work of the  artist Ariel, l mentioned earlier.  A group of us, Carmen, Tim, Utley, Roberto, Gloria, myself will host this retrospect  as a community event at the Cultural Center Friday evening here in Sayulita...........Saturday, join Utley and others at the Vallarta Film Festival to be present for the viewing of a political video Ariel entered  for the Festival.  He will be a receipient of an award for the video.........Sunday night with dear amigos,amigas, Julia, Carmen, Utley, Tim, Roger, Linda will be  attending a huge Vallarta fundraiser partially hosted by the American Consulant for all the non-profits along the Bay......l attended last year and it was a very entertaining evening with performers, food, drinks, fireworks, music and at least 500  attending............and after all that.............l will have one more party before l leave this magnificent house on the side of the mountain that overlooks the bay and has brought me so much pleasure, peace, joy............such a gift................

My departure date is around the 21st or so of May...........As l start to pack up l realize how much l carry around back and forth between the two countries...... but l also find that l do like some of my own  familiar  "things" that l am comfortable with...........however Entre Amigos in San Pancho has added a thrift store and l have hauled several huge bags over there all ready.................and so goes the time from December to May.

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