corn dolly

corn dolly
original art work circa 2008

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life on the Coast of Mexico

lt is mid day and sunny.  All morning l have observed small boats coming  into the bay.  Over the week-end Sayulita hosted a surfing contest and the town was filled with young spirited people everywhere.  l am trying my hardest to be original  writing this  about why this place makes my heart sing but sometimes words are just that ........... words.........writing about deeper feelings are difficult to express.  lf l complain about unpaved roads, well we have those in California also in the Upper Carmel Valley and Big Sur Coast. lf l complain about resources or lack of l only have to drive to Vallarta.  l guess l really do not have alot to complain about, so it must just be part of the human condition or possibly in the soul of a gypsy.  The more settled and comfortable l feel here with all the activity  the more l long to hit the road.  l have several ideas about where l want to go but for now, doggone that view of the bay of Nayarit has mesmerized me again, the light is shifting, the palm trees are slightly, lazily moving with the breeze, even the birds seem to be taking a siesta.  All is well on this beautiful piece of the coast of Mexico.

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  1. Nice post. Good to know you are well and enjoying your stay. Keep on blogging!