corn dolly

corn dolly
original art work circa 2008

Saturday, July 14, 2012

California Coast

l just wrote the most fabulous detailed account of several of the reasons why l find myself on the Central Coast of California and it magically just disappeared.....Shucks............l have to start over about why l so enjoy being here. 

Several weeks ago l attended a concert furthur South at Esalan........The music, food, good people, the incredible site on a mountain top over looking the Pacific is so stunning........and the real plus for the day were the wonderful amigos  l was with.........For the soul, good friends, just bring such joy and peace..........and l am gratefully aware of the gifts of friendships that l have here and have had through the thick and thin of my life cycle.

The weather was neither sunny or foggy, just one of those gorgeous california days with a shade of clouds...........and in the middle of the day a pelican landed in the middle of the group, truly l believe gracing itself with no fear of people giving those of us that were there a bit of mouth hanging.....l mean really how many people can speak about the appearance of a pelican in the middle of a concert?

Another concert just a week ago that l attended was a reunion of ol amigos near the Bay of Monterey in the small coastal village of Seaside.  lt was so cold and foggy l sat under a blanket and had to leave the concert early............and that brings me to the incredible weather one experiences on this wonderful area of Northern California.........we are never toooooooooo hot during the summer months and never, never leave home without a warmer garment.  One never knows from where l am at east of Carmel, what l will find as l approach the coast.