corn dolly

corn dolly
original art work circa 2008

Thursday, October 27, 2011

On The Road

This will be my second attempt to write about leaving the Coast of California and driving to Arizona.  Life in Arizona has given the word appreciation a new meaning for me.  l have never been fond on the desert, respectful yes, but fond never.  l suppose one could say that with age comes a bit more wisdom or willingness to open ;your mind to what essentially has been closed about living in the desert.

l arrived here for a months stay and as l am fast approaching the end of the month l am finding myself very grateful for my time here.  The home where l am at has a beautifully landscaped desert first l thought it was rather bare and ugly.......but after a few mornings of watching the birds gather, the sunrise, coffee on the patio without a blanket.......l began to enjoy the beauty of what was before me.  Each plant is unique and surprising, some look almost dead, but can surprise you and flower......others look fragile or thorny but at second glance have a unique grace about  them....

Payson, Prescott, are in the mountains and completely different than the flatland around where l am at.  l am closer to Arizona State.  The town of Tempe is full of bikes and skateboards that the students use for getting around.  l rode the light rail and found it so easy to use when my amiga Sheila visited and we toured the Heard Museum.

Another week here and l will be driving around just like the locals......