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corn dolly
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Bit of This/A Bit of That

Today is the second day of a  sunless sky.  Usually this part of the Coast of Mexico is sunny, mildly warm, gentle breezes, but this season the weather has been a bit of this/a bit of that.......

Sorta like l woke up feeling this morning........many days l wake up with a smile raring to go and other days l throw my feet to the floor and wonder if my legs are going to work, forget the smile.
Actually tho, l find less and less to complain about while at the same time l find more to worry about. l usually just chalk it up to what lately has become, as well as my peers favorite subject  and that is aging.

Living in a semi-resort area six months over the last ten years here on the Coast of Mexico,  begins to give a whole new meaning to ex-pat, living in two countries, lifestyle.  One cannot help but notice how unaware some women are to the culture of their host example recently .........walking at the tienges on a Sunday and spotting an over fifty year old body in a two piece bathing suit........unaware or insensitive to where she was at and that also goes for men with their shirtless humongous beer belly's waving at you as they walk by. What are people thinking?  Do they care or do l care?

The other "hot" topic is around the separation between the ex-pat community and the local community......all the semi six monthers have housekeepers (some still refer to them as "maids") and gardener's, other than that not much community with the locals.  The ex-pats do not speak Spanish and after ten years of lessons still butcher Hola, que tal?  The local community is gracious because we pay for that graciousness but very few of the locals invite you into their homes and want less to do with you if you have no money........And my experience is far to many deny this reality, want to believe we are anything to most of the locals other than visitors in  their country and are tolerated as best the locals can, a sorta love/hate relationship or a bit of this/a bit of that.

Which brings me to why l continue to come back once l take my sunglasses  off.........could be my training as a social worker continues to follow me where ever l go...........l cannot escape myself.  Maybe it is after all just aging, not complaining nor worry and just after all a bit of this/a bit of that.

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