corn dolly

corn dolly
original art work circa 2008

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Football, rainy weather and early sunsets

More adventures as this gypsy moves from the warmth of Arizona to the  most Southern city in California.  Today was warm, sunny in contrast to yesterday when it rained  most of the day. Driving west over the Coronado bridge,  the Pacific ocean  in front of you, San Diego waterfront to the right, and the Strand to the left all the way to Imperial Beach is why l have spent most of my life close to the coast of California. These breath taking views with the sun sparkling on the water just are not that rare, they happen all the time. 

l have become a football fan, college football on Saturdays, the pros on Sundays.  lt's  learning a new language, all the various teams, the players, the leagues,  who's who in for the sport, it was never my intention to become a football fan, but several years ago circumstances created the time for me to spend some mindless time and football became the pacifier............l even have a few favorites now that l sorta follow.

The time change, cuts  my lifestyle short.  Lately  as early as four-thirty in the afternoon the light is changing and by five-thirty  l  have missed the sunset.  By seven-thirty l start getting lazy and want to curl up with a good book.............but since l am powerless over time change and an adaptable gypsy, the solution is seeing the sunrise and this morning it was spectacular.

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