corn dolly

corn dolly
original art work circa 2008

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gorgeous day in the neighborhood

What is it about nature that brings rest to your soul?  A few weeks ago l was shocked  by the cycle of the worms eating the oak leaves, leaving them bare and gray.......Today those oak leaf eatin worms have completed their cycle and are beauriful white moths floating through the air.  As for the trees, they to have recoverd and are once again green, lush and beautiful.......ah.......California oaks.........

Other  Creatures in nature that speak to my soul are the snake. l love the  cycle of knowing they can shed their skin.  Reminds me of how many times l have tried or needed to recreate myself.  Other lessons l have learned and respect for who they are is the sea horse.  Such little creatures surviving in the big ocean of water and reminding me of the depth we all must face internally .

The birds are everywhere, but l must wait till early evening before the red tail hawks fly over or perch in the top of the trees that l can  watch from the deck.  ln the meantime the many, many different sounds l am listening to as l write  are the different musical sounds of the birds that are now in the trees.  All this is such a gift and all l have had to do is open my windows to see, enjoy, listen, hear nature very finely tuned...........

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  1. Good words for thought. I too am a bird lover and enjoy watching for certian birds at certain time of life. Nature can teach us all valuable lessons, if we will only stop and think about ti.