corn dolly

corn dolly
original art work circa 2008

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Green flash and Special Events

What makes an event special?  Recently l experienced several special events.  Living and splitting my time between the coast of California and the coast of Mexico has this traveling gypsy always open for adventure.
l saw the green flash once at sunset years ago and have chased it over the years in hopes of experiencing it again.  Recently watching the sunset in a small coastal village in Mexico with an amigo oohing and aahing over the changing colors of the sky as the sun slid down closer to the horizon for an instant we both saw the green flash. l was speechless and thrilled at the same time.  The following evening watching the sunset again with the same ol amigo we saw the green flash again. l greedily anticipated seeing the green flash at sunset the following nights but it did not happen.  Surely magic like this had to have some significance and so l anticipated the next adventure.

Several nights later l attended an event at the nearby seaside resort that l fell in love with years ago, but  the story about the seaside resort is another story for another time.  Local restaurants competed in serving an array of specialties for the cast of at least a thousand.  Attending this event were some of the nicest hoochie mommas, divas, queens, kings with a generous heart and special spirit supporting all the non-profits up and down the coast.  The entertainment was truly entertaining and a joy to be experiencing.  The bonus to the event was the warmth of the evening temperature, the backdrop of the full moon and the finale of a firework display off the bay.  All this contributed to why my adventures just never, ever fail to amaze me.

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