corn dolly

corn dolly
original art work circa 2008

Friday, September 28, 2012

THe life of a gypsy

l have a dear friend who becomes nervous at this time of the year when she begins to hear me speak of the voices of the  Sarena's beckoning me  back to the South.  She refuses to acknowledge my gypsy lifestyle and prefers to playfully name me a "hobo."  The truth however, gypsy or hobo my feet begin to itch, my heart begins to long for the smells, sights, friends on that part of the Coast of Mexico l lovingly refer to as "home".  For a long time l refused to believe that l was more than a visitor, but more recently l am acknowledging to myself  that l now live   between two countries. 

Living in two countries at times is  really a challenge.  The first expectation is  the hardest to let go least it was for expectations that   nothing had changed, l was just visiting another country but the longer my visits have become (now  closer to nine years) l realize everything imaginable had changed.  For starters, food, money, language and time.  ln Mexico manana can really mean maybe tomorrow, next week, month or maybe never.  Who knows??  And really who cares??
Suprisingly, everything important does eventually get taken care of.  The limited resources at times offer the opportunity to improvise or make do, and in my world growing up where instant gratification is the norm, it offered two options...........accept the way it is or return to the states. Obviously my choice was clear, l let go of  many of my expectations and the results of living in two countries will continue to be a highlight of my life.

l love my life here also, l phone for repairs, most of the time the repair person show up on time, tools in hand, and importantly with the supplies needed to do the work........very few mananas......l love going to Target just to see how much l really do not need...........Nordstrom Rack is another subject and l cannot or will not ever pass up Marshalls at the border in Southern California.......and living here on the Coast of California, daily being surrounded by the rugged mountains, deer, wild turkeys, hawks  flying   overhead  that l watch from my deck.........

As l have aged l find what has become most, most important to me are the relationships l do have.  Loved ones have died, and l have grieved the loss of family member over needless disagreements so that "my family" has now become very different than what l thought it would is such a journey l am so fortunate to be taking, enjoying, loving.

l leave now for Southern California, then onto Arizona where l will travel to the mountains to paint the fall colors and then begin what will be my final drive to the state of Nayarit, San Pancho........after this drive l will begin to fly back and forth...........ahhhhhhhhhh the life of a gypsy.