corn dolly

corn dolly
original art work circa 2008

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How the time flies

How the times flies, really the warm sunny days of July are sometimes only something l know listening to the weather channel on the news report.    Where l live, on the coast of California, more times the reality is that l begin my morning greeting the fog.  However, having written that and sounding a bit like a whiny feeling a bit sorry for myself, the misty spiritual covering of the fog layer is in its own familiar way comforting.  Today l am up early and the sun is all ready out, no fog here this morning.  Matches my mood...........My friend arrives today  by train and will begin a visit to this area.  l am looking forward to time with her since the last time a few years ago when l visited her my then life was so different. 

l recently traveled to the Sierras, the area known as the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.  l was in a very warm, cozy cabin with a deck and view of the lake.  The lake was about a hundred feet from the deck.  The very top of the mountains are still snow covered, the blues, purple, green, colors of the mountains, the ripples and riot of summer shades reflected in  color of the lake were what l have re discovered and felt blessed each moring l sat with nature.  l am so appreciating the light, reflection, shadows, and yes...............beautiful colors............Reminds me constantly of the trip my dear amigo and l took last year visiting Monet's garden and home in Giverney.

l painted while in Tahoe for several days, brought home what l had painted and realized sadly that my attempts at capturing what l was seeing may take the rest of my life to develop. When l  write of how the time flies, gypsy woman that l am, adventure for me is always just one step ahead. This summer has all ready re-nourished and filled me with joy.  l have to stop writing because it is time for me to leave to drive and meet the train my friend arrives on.